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Internal convention is a mistake

In this post I’m gonna highlight the issues of the “Internal” modularisation convention and provide a proper solution to the same set of problems.


First-class sums and products

Today I’m announcing the “compound-types” library. This library provides first-class multi-arity product- and sum-types and neat type-level utilities for the...


Announcing the refinement types library

Have you ever looked for a numeric type with a zero to hundred range to describe percentage? Maybe a zero to one to describe a proper fraction of something? ...

Announcing the first class records library

Today I’m releasing the “record” library, which is an API of just two quasi-quoters, providing a full-scale solution to the notorious records problem of Hask...


A taste of State: parsers are easy

Like many other Haskellers even after considering myself an expert in the language I still get that amazing “wow” moment, when I learn another elegant thing ...

Hasql benchmarks

This post is all about the performance of the “hasql” library and particularly its PostgreSQL back end in comparison to its popular direct competitors: “HDBC...

Announcing the "stm-containers" library

A couple of days ago I released the “stm-containers” library. In this post I’ll talk about the motivation behind the library, its features and performance.

Tutorial: Profiling Cabal projects

Profiling in Haskell can be an overwhelmingly confusing task. There’s plenty of little things you need to set up right to be able to perform it. This post ai...